Strain Selection Spreadsheet


thanks bro @3high5you

IF anyone doesnt have Microsoft Excel for their computer or phone, you can use google drive, with your google cloud (gmail) account :slight_smile: it works great. i use google drive for all my Excel(spreadsheets),word documents, and such


Is this table just for non-auto flower strains? Thanks!


Yes, this is just feminized seeds. No auto seeds are included.


Any charts for the Auto strains? Thanks!
Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights and Blueberry Auto, are they any different than the non-auto in terms of THC/CBD?


I did not make one for auto strains. They will be different, yes.


Having trouble with the download. I tried 2 browsers; file not found.


Great stuff thanks! :slight_smile:


@3high5you thanks again, as these charts are invaluable. I hope @latewood possibly could sticky this for other members to find easily.