So how old is everyone here?


Just put 2 more WW in. Going to scrog these. Wish me luck.


I’m 40 and 3/4’s. :grin:


I tell everyone I’m still five years away from being 50. What I DONT tell them, I’m on the wrong side. 55 here, born during the release of the NEW Chevy ll.


Click the 3 horizontal bars next to your profile pic then click new subject :slight_smile:


55 :sunglasses::heart:
I think 50s is the new 30s right?


Thank you! @powerforce


50ish here. seems I have finally found a drama free forums. happy growing


43 here. Age is just a number. I’ll go circles around the kids nowadays


I’m on the wrong side of the 30s


Is nothing wrong to be 30+ :joy::wink::+1:


61 here :ok_man: