September 2017 "Full Circle' Bud of the Month Contest


That’s gorgeous! Nice bud!


Thank you sir


Blueberry Auto ILGM Order #159156

This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!
What’s wrong with my plant?

super skunk order confirmation #98316


Lovin all these beautiful budz!:heart::heart::heart:


How many feet is she? Georgeous!!!


Yet to see you without beautiful bud to show!


About the size of my arm elbow to wrist Laurap


When can I come over & smoke her? Lol! Are you ndoors or out?


I’m strictly indoors . I was going to try a gorilla grow but seeing some of the worms and eggs all over some plants on here combined with the mites and mold issues I decided to not see how big one can get if give a good start and just left alone for 3 or 4 months and see what mother nature can do . Then all that yuck was on those so I said nope . And your welcome anytime for smoke time


Oh my! bob31 Love the colors!


Oldstoner Incredible! I hope my GL does as well when I grow it.


With all these beautiful pictures it feels like a BOM special anniversary edition. Good luck everyone! AB


Im sure it will AnneBonny they are a hardy plant I’m growing 2of them and 2 WW now myself


Any way we can persuade you to make a bud of month calendar? I’d love to have one!


Laurap if I am not mistaken @latewood is going to be offering a Calendar somewhere in the store section or some such . I hope so


Thanks so much! We’ve got such beautiful buds here.


Very pretty indeed…


Hey Fever, thats a fantastic wwa…
Gotta tell you, its an awesome stuff, enjoy…


As always oldstoner…outstanding, love it