Quantum Board Grow Room


@Onlythebest79 I thought you were talking on the photo one. My mistake. I’m definitely gonna train the AK47 auto. I had the cheese auto growing vertical with LST until she started flowering. All the shoots on her are pretty even at the moment, but I’ll keep training her the taller she gets.


No the second pic in your last picture in post 443 is the plant I’m talking about.


Yeah some push pins and craft wire out of the craft section at Walmart will do you a great job. Quick easy and you don’t have to tie wire to keep plant in position you put it in. The wire is pretty sturdy and has done me some good


Maybe you can put a picture whit that stuff? Please


I have a bunch of plant rope I can use. Thanks bud


They are really taking off now. I’m impressed with how well they took these lights on a 12/12 schedule.


So I see you are liking your new lights @MattyBear? Lol. I can’t figure out how to run QBs to fill my space correctly so I will stay with the cobs for now.


Here’s pic of wire it’s called floral wire

And here’s pics of them in action

I just loop over branch and pull to desired position. When they grow just move wire to hold down new grow in place. Now once you have it you where you want and it grows into SCROG you can unhook the wire and the branches will flow right into your net.

Beginning and I left all bud sites and removed all fan leaves

This what she look like today

Hope this helps or clarifies what I’m talking about


Hey @MattyBear sorry for posting pics of my girls on your thread was trying to show @M4ur what I was talking about


lol,plant s+m you guys really make me chuckle!
tie that b!tch down! lol
end result looks great!


No worries @Onlythebest79. I am using fabric pots, so it sucks having to poke holes and twine through.


6’x4’ right? 6 boards on 3 xl heatsinks about 24”-30” center to center on the sinks would do. But probably not a big enough increase in performance over the cobs to justify moving to them right now. M


I think I would need 8 to achieve the same foot print that I have now and get to 1kw


That is art brother! :+1::sunglasses:
That is nice but don’t work for soft(fabric pots) so I saw this system! :wink:

Hey @MattyBear, sorry for hijacking your thread :pray:
Edit: end you need this tool!



Or you can buy a rotary wheel leather punch and use as is. That’s what I do.


That may also work :joy::joy::joy:
New i have only this ones, but I like to build mine by myself. I love diy things :+1::sunglasses:


Finally transplanted the monster cropped clone into a 3gal fabric pot.


Did some LST on Cheese auto


Look good now in a day or two you’ll see a lot of new growth forming and starting


That was ready to go in a bigger pot yep…! :+1: