October 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


It’s very tough competition! I’m humbled to be in the contest with them.
Mine was an auto flower. Only took about 120 days. The top was 3.3 oz wet. It’s drying right now.


4 months from bean to bud? Pretty good!


Here in the comments by tagging the person you are voting for with our name preceded by the @


Tough, very tough…but I will go with that inspiration to us all… @Willd !! We would all love to do half of what he does.


@Willd, Great job


@Willd very nice bud


@Willd well done ol chap


Just wanna thank everyone for their support and appreciation. Couldn’t have done this nearly as well without the motivation & suggestions so many of you offered & shared. I know I am not alone when I admit to having developed stronger bonds with some of you than I have with my long time friends & some family. I :heart:️Growing Marijuana and all my friends who do too!


You done good, all of you. But I won’t be the pathfinder ever again. Didn’t get a single vote. Lol.


I didn’t get one either lol


Aw…shucks!..:sob: sniff


My humble vote goes to @Willd


Gotta go with the awesome tree @Beans good job!


Having reviewed them all, the decision is not an easy one. @Willd gets my vote and honorable mention to others contestants.


I’m going to have to go with @Willd. Such a beauty!


great job to all but im voting for @Willd


I like this post, but Darren’s entry didn’t make the cut off date, FYI. I think you get to vote again.


happy birthday @Laurap


that’s what I get for skimming after Darren’s photo post Willd, I thought he had made the cut…now to go back and smoke on my next choice :wink:


Well I see nobody voted for my Bud Bundy, maybe next month. After many days of coming here then leaving without voting I must now pick my choice. @Beans gets my vote by a trichome.