My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


That should keep me busy until😭 the final season of GoT next year or until Mr. Martin completes his next book. Now about that venison…


I have to actually shoot the deer FIRST lol.


Oh…right…of course…


Update: JH-17", GL-14", GLc-15". Watered with GH Grow, Cal Mag at 1 tsp/gal 1,820 ppm ph 5.9 divided into all 3 plants.

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Picture in next post.


Hot off the Android. Getting some sunshine today after the coco sisters got breakfast.


holy :fish: holy :cow: :cow2:


BEAUTIFUL!!! Sums it up!


Wow :flushed: that’s a busy tree :evergreen_tree: I hope you have help to harvest all that wonderful goodness @Myfriendis410
Really nice looking lady’s , magnificent


Gonna give the Sour Diesel that seeded the chop today. I found powdery mildew on 50% of the leaves yesterday (none on any of the other plants thank goodness), sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide and water and sun and wind dried it. I’ve only been running her out to let the seeds mature. Definitely going to do a peroxide soak and rinse due to the mildew.



Everything washed and hanging to drip dry before putting on the racks.

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OM goodness! This is by far the prettiest picture I have seen all day! awesome for you @Myfriendis410 !!! ENJOY!


Yeah, about a million Sour Diesel seeds. I ought to do a Johnnie Appleseed routine come springtime. …


Now that’s some beautiful laundry!


This one has mildew??? What a shame! Biggest cola I ever grew…as long as my forearm, like this one I estimate…also got mildew and turned to dust. What a sick feeling!


Wowie zowie! Shame about the other but I’ll be damned if that Sour D isn’t catching on. You won’t need to buy seeds for that one again. I never met a strain I didn’t like I’m partial to it. And good move on thwarting any powdery mildew asap.


Yummy,yummy buds


I’m not even gonna play around when it comes to that. Soaked the plant for 6 minutes in a cup of hydrogen peroxide in 5 gallons of water, rinsed and now air drying thoroughly before going to the drying racks inside.

I’m really surprisingly less bummed than I could be about it. I’m encouraged that it appears that the type of stress induced seeding I experienced should produce good feminized seeds.There was zero evidence of male parts.

It is a nice view sitting on the patio hahaha.


Had to transplant the coco girls on Friday into 2 gallon smart pots. Now I have to water/feed with 3 gallons of water…


Watered today with ph’d tap water that I let stand for 24 hours. Tape measure to the girls and they are:

JH: 20" GLc: 18" GL: 16"

Starting week 7.

Using GH Grow, Floralicious, Armor Si.