My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


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Awesome sauce @Myfriendis410!!! How old are they now? they look really good. Wish my GL would do that :angry:


Alright alright alright, nice looking lady’s




Recap: coco grow using General Hydroponics two part Grow and Bloom, currently at 1 tsp/gallon and on a feed feed water schedule. 5.8 to 6.0 ph.

Question: would you treat this medium more as hydro and water on a schedule or treat it more as a soil grow and water when dry? Simply for the purposes of watering and feeding.


Here’s my Sour D (2) in 4th week of flower. Started with FF Open Sesame for the 3 in soil today. Getting some color on the pistils! That cola is at least 12" tall BTW.


Very nice. She’s gonna make you a happy! @Myfriendis410


The JH was planted on 7/23 and the GL 0n 7/28 after a failure to launch on another JH seed.


Awesome plant , she’s so fat , looking so good :blush:


I’ve done more reading about than growing (3 crops, I think) with coco and it seems the general consensus is to water and fert to runoff every day, and in the later stages, even twice a day or more. The stuff has to be kept wet. I’m about 2 weeks away from harvest (but not anything like your monsters!) and I’m watering twice a day. Seems this is the only disadvantage to using coco, the ferts get used up faster than with soil, which should dry out somewhat between watering. Good luck, Alan, you’ve got some beauteous plants going!


Thanks Alan. Although the coco grow are the little ones. The big girls are in FFOF. @DieHigh55


Today’s update: plants are now topped and have grown to-

Jack Herer: 15"
Gold Leaf clone: 14"
Gold Leaf: 13:

I’m continually amazed at how well the clone is doing and how much faster these plants seem to be growing than in soil. I’ll post the photo in the next post (off my phone).


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@Myfriendis410 I saw in your journal that you only started to use nutes for those three plants a month after? I’m pretty impressed with that! I was trying to hold off using nutes for at least 2 weeks but the seedling started to demand it at day ten haha. What in that water I want it :yum:


@Myfriendis410 nice looking lady’s


I actually had some ph issues that retarded their initial growth, so that’s what you are probably looking at haha. They are without a doubt the prettiest plants I’ve ever grown!


Yeah i get you totally i messed up the tap root transplanting on one of my Hash Plant… That going to set me back two weeks easy on that one but the other dozen plants coming up as expected. They just super fragile when they are tiny can’t take any abuse at all. These ones that are doing well are at day 17 and been on nutes for about a week haha


Hi Alan, I ordered the book you recommended…“Dies the Fire”, should arrive this week. Looks like a really good read.I would also like to order 10lbs. of venison steaks.


Beautiful ladies my friend!


That’s super Alan! I hope you like the series. There are a bunch of books in the series too plus a corollary or alternate series at the opposite end, so to speak, and that is a trilogy starting with “Islands In the Sea of Time”.