My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


Those look awesome! :v::sunglasses::seedling:


Dang! I wish we were neighbors. :blush: I’d love to help you with harvest!


Wow! Look at all those bud sites!


Yep, thats gonna be some good smoke! @Myfriendis410


alotta good smoke… great job @Myfriendis410


@Myfriendis410 wow! You really learned how to train them! :+1:t2: On the next rotation, please show n tell us the steps you take pruning and training, and so green and happpy looking ! One looks like it would fill my 3x3 tent all by itself . What does the width turn out to be? ?x? Awesome!!


Are they tough to move from indoor to outdoor on a regular basis? @Myfriendis410


@Myfriendis410 man some great looking girls☺


@Myfriendis410 those are beautiful plants guy. They look so healthy and happy.


Wow!! They’ve grown a lot and are very beautiful! :green_heart:


Growing in coco is so nice because I’m not schlepping around 10 gallon soil pots full of wet dirt haha. The SCROG is clumsy but really fills the space! They’re 2 X 3 feet and I can realistically only get 2 SCROG and one supercropped in 24 square feet.

Thanks everyone, so much help on this forum family it’s almost like we’re all growing it haha. Believe me when I tell you that most will be given away.


I wish we were neighbors too.


Looking great @Myfriendis410!! :heart_eyes: :+1: :+1:


Looking fantastic those are some nice and healthy plants your doing a great job :+1::+1:


Very awesome looking @Myfriendis410 that’s a nice scrog with a very healthy looking plant in it. I’ll get there this go around.


Nice how have u got so wide like that and wat is scrog if i can ask some one again nice


Thats very nice of you, Alan, want my address?


Do you feed your plants every day in coco? I did a few coco grows and it seems I was using up my nutes budget faster than in dirt. Otherwise really kickA grow!


@DieHigh55 they’re on a feed water feed water cycle. Other than having to provide some sort of liquid daily, I really like the medium. Garrigan’s tuned me up on the nutrient mix and it’s at the starting values from the manufacturer. I’m still working off of the quart bottle of GH Grow I bought in May.


Plants are fully on their flowering regimen:

GH Bloom, Armor Si, Liguid KoolBloom, Floralicious. Tds holding between 650 and 700 ppm at 5.8 ph. Cal Mag on water only days.