My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


I expect to see a T-Rex come thundering out of that jungle any moment. Bravo!:clap:


It’s still the clear winner as far as vigorous plants go. I’ve grown quite a few cannabis plants now, and these are the healthiest plants I’ve seen yet. They need to be lowered away from the light as they are about 6 inches away now but if you look at the closeups there isn’t even a HINT of tip burn. We might have some on a salad tonight.


@CosmicFire this is my journal. Scroll up to the pics of my grow box. Just for ideas.


I love your scrog design!!! Good looking girls I wish I could grow outside


@Sirsmokes, these are primarily indoor plants that go outside whenever they can. Sunlight is still free lol. If you scroll up there’s a description and pictures and bill of materials. It is a cool design but it isn’t mine. Mine are dry fit and pinned where needed with screws so I can disassemble them.


They do look awesome!! Wide and green​:smile:you have a great system and just like anything you get what you give !!! Thanks for sharing your tips growing :evergreen_tree: @Myfriendis410!


@Myfriendis410 For us that are newbies, I am pretty sure WW is White Widow, but what are SD and GSCX. Also, they look almost identical. Can you tell a difference when you look at them? I just get teary eyed.


@Medforme I got a chuckle with the teary eyed comment thanks!

Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies X-treme are the other two lol.

They do look different but could I look at one and tell it apart? Heck no! And this is only my fifth grow so I’m hardly a pro!


@Myfriendis410 Well, you appear to have it down. BTW, do you have a favorite strain (both for use and for growing)?


I was really taken by the Sour Diesel. That’s why there’s another one in this next grow. I also wanted to give White Widow another chance after gaining experience: the last WW is a bit harsh. GSCX is in the lineup simply because I’ve heard good things about it and someone grew some gorgeous buds! So I wanted to try it. @Medforme


Also I’ve been really enjoying the Gold Leaf! It was not very good until some time in the jar but it’s potent and smooth and a nice aromatic. Not all funky and stinky like the Sour Diesel!


3 weeks in the jar is the turning point on the gold leaf for me. It’s like it changes over night, not the taste and aroma but the high, it goes from mild to very potent


Doing good bra @Myfriendis410 I transition myself about 12 days ago you doing well :slight_smile:


21 days from sprouting.

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How long til you transplant?


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Gonna have to be soon haha!


I’m thinking so. Just wasn’t sure, you could be attempting to keep them small or something. I usually let them stall out a little, but I also usually try to finish in 3 gallon.


I was going to say the same thing haha
Looking good @Myfriendis410