My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


Interested as well :crazy_face:


You know, @Covertgrower, @rodri59, that’s a damn good question! And coincidentally I smoked a couple of small buds wondering how the heck they got in the jar! Was I high? Well, yes. But that’s beside the point haha!

I will, and shoot some images of the understory growth that I’m going to knock back.

I will say these are the prettiest plants I’ve ever seen.


:astonished:Now that is one bitchin’ ScroG! How long has it been growing?


Popcorn buds could be used for edibles or TeaHC, I would imagine, if you don’t want to bother smoking them. Beautiful grow, Alan…where’s the hats off, low bow imoj?


I would love to duplicate your set up for my next indoor grow (1 or 2 autos) @Myfriendis410!

Can you give me a lil breakdown/shopping list? :yum:


@bluntley420 if you scroll up there’s a list and some closeups.


Sunday 22 October update. Sunning all day in 80° weather today. Got their transition feeding of GH Grow and Bloom with Armor Si and a touch of Floralicious. I’ve been using @garrigan65 suggestions for a tds value of between 500 and 600 and they couldn’t be happier. Starting their stretch and already have pistils.

And finally, at 2 weeks from sprout, WW, SD, GSCX


And they say Disney is that happiest place on Earth!

The obviously haven’t seen your garden! @Myfriendis410


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Looking good partner!


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


Awesome sauce! Looks great! :sunglasses::v:



I’em happy that it all worked out for you.
Keep us posted.

Your Friend


Looking very nice @Myfriendis410 ! Well done indeed! Keep up the awesome growing, and flowering is coming along very nicely!


Very nice! They all look very healthy and happy.Great work.


I was wondering how your Jack Herer plant in coco coming along?


Awesome! They all look beautiful.


Looking great @Myfriendis410! Keep up the good work and keep them pics coming! :star_struck:


Holy doodle poop! They look so happy and healthy! Great job @Myfriendis410