Long term storage


Hello one and all - I have looked over the categories here and can see any questions pertaining to long term storage.
Ever since I’ve grown I have always left my buds dry but still a little pliable and sticky, stuck them in jars and stashed them in the freezer. My wife and I don’t smoke that much but we are everyday puffers, so when we do take out our little nuggets its just like smoking just harvested bud.

Now my wife is reading some junk on WikiLeaks stating that my practice is all wrong… Need the gurus of ILGM on this one.
My thinking is out of the light, heat, and air – all helps with slowing the degradation of THC.




I dont know the answer to this question either, but I’d be curious to find out :slight_smile:

Have you thought about vacuum sealed bags?


Sealed in mason jars.


That jar sealer is pretty slick @Rugar89


If you freeze the bud the trichomes become brittle and break off with very little effort. Cool, dark, dry place; 62 % RH is about perfect for long term storage. @MotaMan


Thanks for the input – but I do know that trichomes will detach if frozen - but that really only happens if ya jostle the jar or keep handling the bag. Still they can be collected (can be done but difficult) and smoked for a great buzz. My main question was does freezing degrade THC not the bud itself…

Thanks again


@MotaMan I think the only way to know for sure would bee to have it tested.