If cannabis is legalized nationwide


Legalizing Marijuana Nationwide Would Create One Million Jobs, Study Says - Newsweek

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Good read :sunglasses: I believe it’s big Pharmaceutical that is behind no go on Federal legalization …


They are terrified! Looks like THC removes amyloid plaques from brain cells better than any of their potentially $50000 - $100000 a year drugs! Plaques may be the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.


It is so stupid that we have to legalize something that came with the planet for us to use.


Amen to that brother ! @Tr33


Good topic and I agree.


@Tr33 :pray: amen


I agree @Kcdaniels


@1BigFella It’s also that with many other reasons, were guinea pigs for them to test, and they know that they are in trouble when it comes to the truth about themselves (pharmaceutical companies are not real, it’s called “synthetic” for a reason