How do I start a new forum post?


Try making a new thread for yourself to keep track of your progress people will come and check it out :wink:


how do i do that?


seeds germinatated, went to soil, one popped up after 2 days


all 3 seeds germinated


water & then paper towel


seeds germinatated & now in soil


cute little seedling came up after 2 days


Top of page click where it says new topic


Hey Iโ€™m really new and cheap at this. Can yo u tell me if my plant is going to survive because itโ€™s leaning. This morning it just came out . Iโ€™ve terminated it before planting. And Iโ€™m using regular bulb light, about 2, 3inches above my pot


Itโ€™s still green and the stem has a little purple on it.


not sure how to make a new thread, thx for responding
my little seedlings are 2 inches tall, am growing outside