Gold Leaf and Trainwreck what to expect


Starting a new grow with these two strains from Robert. Only experience I have is with White Widow. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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You can read through my journal to see my gold leaf experience.

In my experience it has been nute sensitive. I had hardly ever gone above 800ppm and right now in week 5 of flower I am running 750ppm.

I had low humidity throughout the grow and it didn’t seem to like it in veg.


Your going to like the gold leaf has a spicy grapefruit smell to it and its yummy


What’s the effect like? How long till harvest? Should I do anything different than I did on White Widow? I love this forum. The people are sooo friendly and helpful


How hard it hits will be up to you and your harvest time @Grandaddy013 it a nice buzz i pulled mine at about 20% amber tricombes
Just practice good grow skill and feed and water according to thier needs when you get them going tag me to the thread


Haven’t grown gold leaf and my only experience with trainwreck is from a different breeder. But from the sounds of it you’ll be pretty happy with both!


I personally never grown the train wreck either but what ive tryed is great funny it’s actually one if my favorites
I should order some beans loland griw my own


I’ve got 2 gold leaf going right now I think I got 2 phenotypes as the look different one has broader leaves and a different shade of green both a healthy green and one showed slight nute burn and the other did not…so slight I kept with the full strength nutes and she adjusted well no burn on new growth…these plants are exploding very healthy great structure takes to training very well…can’t wait to see them in flower…first time growing gl so I can’t tell how it smokes but from what I’m hearing this should be some great meds… @Grandaddy013 and I have purple train wreck which is kick a$$…it’s not a ilgm strain but I’ll tell you every strain I’ve gotten from ilgm is great…100% germination I’ve done 3 grows with sour diesel all great and currently have 6 in flower doing fantastic and 2 in veg along with 2 ea of gold leaf, super silver haze, and purple haze all ilgm and all beautiful…