DIY Rosin Press


@Bogleg if I remember correctly that is partly how this topic got started. There is another thread about DIY vape juice that I will try to link. But in that thread it was brought up that vape juice is made best with a “purer” concentrate than just flower. Meaning getting as much plant matter out, that morphed into how to get a concentrate in a safe manner without harsh chemicals or potentially blowing up your house (ie: bubble hash), and voila this thread.

There is a video too on using the PG/VG which I have done and is not hard.




Do you shake yours out into kief first to do it right from flower @Hogmaster? I can’t remember how you did those.


@Countryboyjvd1971. The sandwich maker arrived today but it’s going right back unfortunately. Even though the plates are flat which is what I was looking for, there is a large space between the top and the bottom plates (to allow for the bread I suppose) but won’t work for what I need. So the search continues. Sigh!


Sorry @Myfriendis410 i had mine ill post a picture tonight
Look up pollen press on Amazon

I actually have one of these as well works great
The one i made is 1 inch tho


@AnneBonny just saw the post did it work out fir you ?
Just saw your post about sending back

Maybe like @bob31 mentioned earlier in thread one of theses would be best to would worry about pressure on the case if ising a clamp
@Hogmaster actually used to press his with one
But for 35$ Or so


Wally World 20 bucks and it sucked


Yup that was my next purchase. @Countryboyjvd1971 I tried it using bubble hash but I got nothing. It just flattened the hash and heated it up. I think because there was no pressure. We were in The Depot the other day and I had my husband take me to where the clamps are to see what might work but I would think the clamps would crack the outside of the flat iron. I didn’t get one but I’m sort of at the point of no guts, no glory so I may just give it a try.


I think maybe i would use this style clamp

You squeeze trigger to load clamp so i dont think you can over squeeze it ?
With bubble hash you need to use a filter bags and prepress it in my experience also low temps longer press times with the hash


@Countryboyjvd1971 the first time I did it I put the hash in an unbleached coffee filter as I thought that’s what I had seen on YouTube and then put that in the parchment paper but it looked like what ever I extracted was sucked into the coffee filter paper. It looked oily. So the next try I did without the coffee filter thinking it would ooze out onto the parchment paper. That time I got nothing. They had that type of clamp so maybe I will swing into the depot on my way home from work.


@AnneBonny I tried the same early on couldn’t get them to work myself it just soaked up all the rosin ??
Ill find and post a picture of the screens i use
I cut them down and make bags

Try prepressing your bud in your pollen press
And press that puck with out a screen or bag at 145-155 degrees fir 1 min or so


Thanks CB. I will give that a try and see. Appreciate it @Countryboyjvd1971


Anytime @AnneBonny let me know how you make out
Just seems it takes me a but to circle back lol


Can I use this item for my pollen catcher on my grinder? @Countryboyjvd1971 I have kief in real fine powder form… would that make pucks of kief?


Yeas sir it will that actually what its meant for my friend @Zombo


Thanks :+1: @Countryboyjvd1971